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Violet and Blueberry Gin Liqueur 35cl 20%Alc.


Indulge in the sweet and fruity flavours of our no added sugar Violet and Blueberry gin liqueur. Made with natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners, this delicious liqueur is perfect for those looking to indulge in a guilt-free treat. The combination of juicy blueberries and delicate violet flowers creates a unique and refreshing taste that's perfect for sipping on a warm summer day.


Our gin liqueur is carefully crafted using only the finest botanicals, resulting in a smooth and flavourful drink that's perfect for cocktails or simply enjoyed over ice. The lack of added sugar means you can enjoy the full flavour of the gin liqueur without any of the extra calories or artificial ingredients. 


In addition to being delicious, our Violet and Blueberry gin liqueur is also versatile. It pairs perfectly with tonic water, soda, or lemonade, making it a great addition to any cocktail.


So why not treat yourself to a bottle of our no added sugar Violet and Blueberry gin liqueur today? With its unique blend of natural flavours and no added sugar, it's the perfect guilt-free indulgence.


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